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Examination Results 2022

A statement from our Principal David Hampton; “In Strabane Academy we value success through hard work and respect. Congratulations to all of our students and staff on making it through an incredibly tough two years. My staff and pupils deserve a great deal of praise for all they have accomplished and I, as Principal, am immensely proud of their achievements."

A-level Results 2023

Our A level students continue to excel, lots of them already have a firm and an insurance offer for a place at university or an apprenticeship. I would like to wish them every success and happiness as they embark on the next phase of their education or career.

Our sixth form is a very small community.  Overall, at A2 there was a 97% pass rate across all subject areas, and we celebrate some outstanding individual successes. Patrick Walker, our Head boy achieved A*A*A grades with Emma Wallace achieving A*AA.

At AS, our students went even better with Rachel Crawford and Adam Quinn achieving 4 A grades and Hannah McCauley, Emily Millar and Stuart Crawford  achieving 3 A grades or better.

These are a great set of results for the Sixth form of 2023, a group of students who have been a pleasure to have in our school throughout their education. As a staff, it has been a privilege to watch them grow and to support and encourage each of them towards this success.

We are very proud of the rich diversity of our students and recognise that whilst not every pupil can achieve A* or A grades, our positive ethos of ASPIRE, ensures that every student is given the opportunity to achieve above and beyond what they or others may believe they are capable off.

GCSE Results 2023


At Strabane Academy success comes in many different ways as the students follow academic pathways which best fit their interests and abilities.   It's not just the students who receive the very highest grades that we celebrate; students who have worked extremely hard and get grades which reflect this work ethic are celebrated throughout the school.

Congratulations to all of our Year 12 students on making it through an incredibly tough two years, in preparation for their GCSEs. We all know how hard it’s been at times, but also how hard you’ve worked. You should be very proud.

We are absolutely delighted in terms of our GCSE resultsOur exceptional A levels results have been backed up with more impressive GCSE results in terms of adding value to the pupils’ abilities, with 91% of our pupils obtaining 5 or more GCSE’s at A* - C and 83% obtaining 5 or more including English and Maths. 

Top performers in each of our Pathways included: 

In the Dennett Pathway, which contains the traditional Grammar subjects; the top achieving pupil was Alex Kennedy with 9A*s and 1 A grades.  Other top achievers with 6 A grades or more included; Rebecca Sheridan, Aimee McBride, Nathan Russell, Dylan Gallagher, Rachel Mealiff, Dylan Coyle, Stacey Killen and Katie Atcheson. 

In the Finn Pathway , which contains a mix of academic and vocational subjects; the top achieving pupil was Jack Neely with 1 A* and 5 A grades.  Other top achievers included Jamie McBride Armstrong, Grace Dunbar, Keeli Johnson, Kyle Armstrong, Rebecca McEntee and  John McSorley,

In the Mourne Pathway which is mainly vocational, top achievers were Viktoria Nagy, Courtney Boyd, Daryl Barclay and Aaron Brace.

These results reflect the hard work of our pupils and highlight the dedication and support provided by our staff over the past two years. Within our intake we have a wide range of individual needs and ability levels and we are extremely proud of each of our young people who reflect our values and our vision to ASPIRE.

Celebration of success